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What are you doing to cultivate happiness in your workplace?

When people are asked whether they are happy in their job, few people will respond that they are happy every moment of every day… And that is completely normal. This may relate to trying to juggle the responsibilities of everyday life, or it may be something that an organisation’s leadership can actively develop.

Many of the top performing companies in the world today have learned along the way that encouraging and fostering a happy, fun and inspiring workplace offers several key benefits to their organisations.

Studies show that generally, when employee satisfaction is high, sales increase by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks becomes better by 19%, not to mention the health and quality of life improvements for staff. There are studies also show this – happiness is good for health… when there is less burnout and chronic fatigue / frustration, illness and absenteeism also decrease. And, it is often at this time of year we experience the feeling of burnout and stress.

Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory have cultivated a philosophy around happiness because we genuinely believe that happiness is good for business! Our ambition is to help create desirable and successful workplaces where our clients and candidates feel genuinely happy working together. We are committed to having real conversations about how we can help create happier working environments that lead to commercial success.

Happiness in business needs to be a mutual benefit for both the employer and the employee. It is no doubt we all spend a lot of time at work, so it is important that we are all feeling happy and motivated in our jobs.

So, what factors can influence workplace happiness and where can we start?

  1. Create a welcoming environment

  2. Empowering people to improve company culture

  3. Provide flexibility for work-life balance

  4. Demonstrate transparency

  5. Communicate regularly

  6. Provide opportunities for growth

  7. Focus on investment

  8. Motivate people to step out of their comfort zone – new challenges

  9. Encourage time off / annual leave

Cultivating a happy workplace should most definitely be high on our list of priorities. If you are a leader, this includes you as well as your employees. The overall impact of a motivated, satisfied and happy team can positively impact a business immensely. Starting with these factors / tips will result in a change in attitude amongst the workplace – enabling us all to enjoy our workday just that little bit more!​