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As a business, we have always placed a strong emphasis on promoting a culture and thriving working environment where everyone feels valued and that they are a part of something special. Each quarter, there is a commitment to reward and invest in ourselves and each other – something that, despite COVID, we have continued to maintain. Last week, our team ventured north to Cairns.

Everything we do at ROUSSOS reflects who we are as a business and continuously links back to our core values. This time of year is notoriously busy, so going on a mini holiday might not have seemed like the most logical idea, but we were quickly reminded of not only the value of taking time for these initiatives, but the absolute need to prioritise them.

Upon reflection of our Cairns trip, the team are feeling refreshed, recharged, healthy and reconnected… but most importantly, we are feeling GRATEFUL & like a FAMILY.

Gratitude is engrained in the way we work and approach our day to day lives. Every one of us seeks to be generous with one another, with our time, with our knowledge, with our craft- it’s at the heart of who we are as an organisation. We are grateful for the ability to share these experiences away from our day to day lives and importantly that we have a team who reflect so well and demonstrate the values of our business.

We are family. Our people and family are EVERYTHING – we share everything, no matter how big or how small. We nurture and support our individual differences because THEY are what makes us great. We push each other to grow, be strong and fulfilled in life and in health, and collectively, we want to make a difference. This trip has allowed us to build that connection and respect to be stronger than ever.

Travelling to Cairns as a team was more than just being in a beautiful, warm destination… it provided the opportunity for us as a team to recharge, connect more and further cement our values and shared purpose. Our culture and workplace are obviously greatly affected by our shared day-to-day relationships, and that’s why we believe it is super important to give our people the opportunity to strengthen those relationships through activities away from work. Whether this is done through team building activities like our Wednesday Sweat classes, or hiking up a steep gorge in the middle of Queensland, swimming with eels and yabbies, or participating in our first communal park run with 300+ runners – it’s these experiences that bring out the best in us and ultimately brings us closer together. And that’s exactly WHY we do them.