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2021 WRAP UP

With just ONE WEEK to go in the office until we all enjoy a well-earned Christmas break, it seems like a good time to take a step back and reflect on the year that has been… 

2021. It has been a big year for ROUSSOS. What seemed “hard” in anticipation, proved to collectively make us stronger and better and, in hindsight, it has been a great year.Our partnerships with our client partners over the year continued to grow and strengthen across architecture, engineering and office support. 2021 has been one of the most worthwhile and rewarding years in supporting job seekers in repositioning their goals and careers. Guiding them through the changes in climate and instilling confidence in moving jobs in a market that is constantly changing. 

A key milestone for us in 2021 was our rebrand to ROUSSOS – a brand evolvement that accurately reflects our business and our people. We have big plans over the next few years and we are excited to continue to expand further into additional sectors and welcome new people to our team. Our announcement of my husband, George, as Managing Director was a big deal for not only us as a business, but for our family. I couldn’t be happier to lead this business with him by my side 😊

The ROUSSOS team has grown, not only in numbers but in knowledge, confidence and in leadership. I am so proud of the team and how far they have come over the course of this year. Each individual in my team values career progression and I am committed to running a business that allows everyone to be themselves, to evolve, to grow and to flourish in their role and in life. I couldn’t be more proud of the group of people I call team ROUSSOS, and it is a privilege to work alongside such a dedicated, driven and enthusiastic bunch of people. We invest heavily in our culture and have created a working environment that feels like family. We work hard, and that is why we put initiatives in place to further cement our values and shared purpose.

Despite it being a challenging year, we continued our support and commitment to our core value of ‘giving back’. Through events like the JLF Trek with a team of valued clients and the ANZ Gala Ball, we contributed close to $80,000 to charity organisations that we care deeply about. This is something I am passionate about and I am proud to have been able to continue through the ups and downs of this year.  

And, just recently… Our beautiful new office. A space we absolutely love and can’t get enough of! A space that is going to allow us to grow as a team in 2022 and beyond, and propel us to take things to the next level. 

As much as I am looking forward to a bit of down time in the next few weeks, I am so excited for what is in store for 2022. Bring on another brilliant year!