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2022 should be another rewarding but challenging year, and the commercial construction industry is looking poised to capture growth opportunities. 

With the uncertainty of COVID in early 2020, there was apprehension around what 2021 would look like for the construction industry. Looking back now, demand for work and projects during the past year is actually at one of the highest levels that I have seen in my time over the past 20 years. Other challenges have obviously presented in the meantime, including materials supply shortage and pricing increases, COVID risk and planning and of course, finding talent. 

South Australia’s economic recovery from COVID-19 continues to be stronger than expected but whilst job opportunities are on the rise, employers face a growing challenge with fewer job seekers in the market to meet demand. With several new significant projects being announced and the opportunity to gain exposure and experience across some of SA’s most iconic projects, we have never seen this scale and width of opportunity of large-scale projects for job seekers. 

While many employers are increasing salaries to help attract talent, candidates are looking beyond just remuneration and therefore having a strong employee value proposition to capture their attention has never been so vital. A unique value proposition and culture can help to attract and retain top talent who align with a company’s brand and mission. It highlights the benefits and rewards offered to employees such as flexible working arrangements, company culture or training / development – and these seem to be the top benefits that job seekers are currently looking for in a new opportunity. We have been able to recruit a number of key people recently for our client partners, and I believe that being able to highlight the company’s value proposition around career development has really helped to attract the right talent. 

With these significant projects ready to be awarded and breaking ground in the first half of 2022, it is essential that we adapt existing talent strategies and form new talent management and workforce experience strategies that will be critical in navigating workforce challenges. Hiring for 2022 is happening now and although it is December, employers are looking to onboarding new employees prior to the end of the year to ensure they are entering the new year refreshed and ready to go.

Current and Upcoming Developments in South Australia

83 Pirie Street - Under Construction

60 King William - Under Construction

GPO Hotel - Under Construction

Festival Tower - Commencing Construction

Eighty Eight O’Connell - Commencing in 2022

EIC (Lot Fourteen) - Commencing in 2022

Market Square - Commencing in 2022

LeCornu Site (Forestville) Site - Awarded

Women’s & Children’s Hospital - Tender

Aboriginal Art & Cultures Centre (AACC) - Tender

Brompton Gasworks Site - Tender

SA Pathology - Tender

Burnside Village Expansion - Tender