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Positivity leadership positive workplace


​As a business, one of our key (and ongoing) goals is to create a positive workplace culture for our team where our employees are given the tools and support to flourish. As most business owners and organisation know, workplace culture requires constant attention and investment and is an ongoing challenge especially as you grow. We have always been passionate and driven about connecting with like-minded individuals and organisations who can help achieve this. Recently, our leadership team engaged in a session with Dr Suzy Green on positive leadership, what it’s all about and the importance of wellbeing and performance in the workplace. 

As Dr Suzy explained, the last 70 years of psychology has placed key focus and research mainly on negative emotions and behaviours (ie anxiety, depression etc) and how we treat them.  In recent times though, there has been a movement in the profession, known as Positive Psychology, which highlights the importance of also focussing on wellbeing, happiness and wellness in preventing people from becoming unwell and requiring intervention. This approach (which resonates strongly with us!) looks to support wellbeing, through working proactively on positive relationships, positive emotions, meaning and purpose, engagement and achievement and much more. 

During our session with Suzy, we talked through strength-based training methods and identifying individual strengths within the ROUSSOS team and how we can play to these to ensure we are getting the best out of our employees. A big part of this approach is to ensure our team are coming to work feeling happy and energised, engaging in the tasks they are good at and enjoy doing to optimise performance.

We are excited to be an early adopter of this approach and really look forward to this journey with Dr Suzy Green, and how it can help us achieve our vision of creating our ideal workplace but how it can elevate and as importantly, compliment the way we work with client partners and job seekers.


Dr Suzy Green is the CEO & Founder of The Positivity Institute, a positively deviant organisation dedicated to the research and application of positive psychology in workplaces and schools. She is a leader in the complimentary fields of coaching psychology and positive psychology, having conducted a world first study on the impact of evidence-based coaching on performance and wellbeing. Founder of The Positivity Institute, Suzy works to help create flourishing workplaces through innovative programs with the core purpose to improve leader, team and staff mental health, wellbeing and performance.