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We love promoting Adelaide as a great place to live, with opportunities to pursue a career in our state continuing to rise. Interstate talent making the move to Adelaide is a positive sign for our economy, and we love hearing about people’s motivations for moving to SA. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Laszlo, a Senior Architect from Brown Falconer, who has moved here from Melbourne to pursue his career, to find out more about his move.

What do you think are the benefits of working in Adelaide? 

EXPOSURE | Since the Adelaide market is relatively small when compared to the eastern cities, you regularly deal directly with the decision makers on any given project which enables you to build a robust professional network in a short amount of time. 

OPPORTUNITY | There are a countless number of undervalued sites with great development potential dotted all around town. As a result, there lies an outstanding opportunity for the aspiring architect to lead and influence seminal projects throughout SA. 

LIVEABILITY | Easy commute and friendly working environment. 

We often see SA repats considering a move back, however not having lived in Adelaide previously, what initially enticed you to move here?  

Accessibility & quality. I was fortunate enough to travel to Adelaide a number of times in my early 20’s and I was struck to find just how accessible the city and surrounds are for all to enjoy. A wide variety of activities and natural wonders are at your fingertips - from stunning beaches to world class wineries and a bustling cafe culture, Adelaide is a city that caters to a very broad audience without compromising on quality. 

Do you see South Australia as a long-term place to live?

Yes, I see Adelaide only getting better over time. It is relatively affordable and combined with the first-class facilities and amenities on offer, Adelaide is an ​attractive place to call home for the long term. 

Have you noticed a shift (increase) in activity / projects since moving here 12 months ago? 

Most definitely. Our clients have been open to explore more ambitious and high-profile developments which represents exciting times for the design and construction industry in Adelaide. 

Where do you think Adelaide can develop?

Self-promotion - Adelaide has a strong arts and culture scene that rivals that of any other city in the country yet it is only really evident at a local level. So there exists a great opportunity to promote and showcase Adelaide's finest on the national stage to attract the country's best talent to SA.