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I have had a lot of time to reflect lately. My family and I went to Noosa over the Easter long weekend, and on return we were struck down with the inevitable Covid. My isolation period has just ended and whilst I didn’t get to go to my favourite place every day (the office with my team), I was fortunate to engage in some in-depth conversations with people both within our industry as well as others who work for some really inspiring organisations. Who would have thought that Covid was the thing that, for once, helped me work on the business (and myself) whilst not physically being IN the business 😊

It is so easy to lose your way as you grow and there is so much importance on realigning your purpose as you go along on your business journey and staying true to that purpose. We can easily get distracted in the day-to-day commercials of life, business and work and forget about our real “why”.

My “why” drives everything I do. As a Mum of two growing boys, my purpose is to be a great role model for them and show them what is important and possible in life. At ROUSSOS, everything we do is with the sole intent of positively impacting people and making a difference in their lives. We aim to do this by providing great opportunities for people and businesses to thrive long term. Internally, we continue to invest in our culture and our growth as individuals and as a team and importantly, give back to the community through supporting not-for-profit organisations.

We always need to continually remind ourselves of WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing, and WHERE we want to go. In that, having the support and relationships that can provide strength and motivation to keep that focus clear is something that I deeply value and importantly, keeps me grounded. Whilst our business is one of my most cherished achievements, after 5 years, I am still proud today that the values that we wanted to trade by and instil in the ROUSSOS business are still prevalent. And even more importantly to me, when I look around my office and reflect on my team, I am immensely proud that they exhibit and radiate those values in every way. This business was never about just me, it was about building long-term relationships and creating a platform for people to grow and thrive in a comfortable and inclusive environment. Although there is still a journey to go, I am really proud that we have been fortunate enough to build a business and workplace that delivers that.