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Anna, Lauren and Lauren representing Team ROUSSOS at the Business of Design Lunch today, hosted by Association of Consulting Architects. They heard from guest speakers, Kerry & Lindsay Clare from Clare Design - two prominent designers in the space to discuss current social, environmental, industry and practice challenges and opportunities. 

“If I were a Graduate in the Architecture industry, am I better to go to a large or small studio?”

This is the question that Anna posed to Kerry & Lindsay, and they provided great insight to how this might look for a Graduate entering the workforce. They expressed the importance of getting a range of exposure in your early years, and with this, smaller may be better so that you can gain experience and insight into all aspects of a project. With this, site exposure was also mentioned as a key defining point within the early years of someone’s career in Architecture. 

On the other hand, a larger studio may see you working on one specific part of a project, therefore potentially limiting that exposure. So, if someone does want to go to a large studio as a Graduate, how do they gain that full exposure that a smaller studio may be better placed for within the early years of their career? 

An insightful conversation & a great lunch with leaders in the Architecture industry - thank you, ACA.