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In September, ROUSSOS Recruitment generously hosted an event in partnership with Property Council SA, for the participants and sponsors part of the 500 Women in Property Program for 2022.

Anna Roussos is part of the subcommittee group for the 500 Women in Property program, and as part of this committee, a key focus is around how we can attract more people to the industry.

The event was a great success, where attendees heard from Michelle Beltrame – a Personal Branding & Image Consultant – and also had the opportunity to get a professional headshot taken with Kate Dyer of Urban Safari Photography.

Attendees gained insight into how they can build their personal brand, and the importance of differentiating themselves amongst others by being authentic, real and true to who they are. Michelle and Anna Roussos shared their tips and tricks on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and some ways to best utilise the LinkedIn platform as a professional tool to enhance your career.

Anna says, “during my recruitment career, I have always wanted to be seen as someone as part of the industry, rather than someone who services the industry, and a key strategy behind this has been to get involved in a variety of different associations – one of them being the Property Council of Australia. About 5 years ago, I got involved with the Diversity Committee, as a driver for me was being involved in a platform that supported women in achieving their career goals and aspirations.”

A big thank you to everyone who attended our office for a night of networking and connection.