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Interviews can be understandably daunting for some, which can often lead to unwanted / poor interview answers due to nervousness. Whilst ensuring you are well prepared for these conversations and thinking about questions that may be asked and how you will respond to these, it is equally as important to consider what you should refrain from saying in an interview setting.

See below for 5 key phrases our Consultants advise NOT to say when preparing candidates for interviews.

"I'm just looking for any job."

This can give the impression that you lack direction or focus in your career aspirations. Employers want to hire candidates who are genuinely interested in the specific position and company.

"I don't have any weaknesses."

While it's important to present yourself in a positive light during an interview, claiming to have no weaknesses can come across as arrogant or dishonest. Employers appreciate candidates who demonstrate self-awareness and the ability to identify areas for growth and improvement.

"I didn't have a good relationship with my previous boss."

Speaking negatively about your previous employer or supervisor reflects poorly on your professionalism and ability to work well with others. Instead, focus on highlighting positive experiences and skills you gained from past jobs.

"I didn't prepare for this interview."

Admitting that you haven't prepared for the interview indicates a lack of dedication and professionalism. Employers expect candidates to come to the interview well-prepared, having researched the company, reviewed the job description, and rehearsed potential interview questions. 

"I don't have any questions for you."

Asking thoughtful questions at the end of an interview demonstrates your engagement, curiosity, and preparedness. Failing to ask any questions can imply disinterest or a lack of preparation. Take the opportunity to inquire about the company culture, future projects, or the team dynamics.