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The initial drive and belief in oneself is at an all time high when first establishing a goal. At some point after this, life gets in the way and you may begin to lose track of these goals. This is completely normal and it’s during these times that it's crucial to implement strategies to get back on track to achieving these goals.

Put it in writing

Writing your goals down, makes them something you can refer back to as a reminder. They become almost like a checklist that you can tick off which increases feelings of success and well-being. 

Take a moment to reassess

It’s always a good idea to re-look at the way you set your goals - this is just as important as the process to staying on track. Did you ensure they were specific, clear and challenging but not overly complex?

Celebrate the small wins

Celebrating the small wins is essential. Appreciate and acknowledge yourself for the energy and effort you are putting in to achieve your goals. This is all about creating a sense of achievement, encouragement and something to look forward to. 

Feed your mind the right fuel

Read, listen and take in all the things that inspire you to stay on track. Your mind is the most powerful tool to accomplish goals so it's important to ‘stand guard at the door of your mind’ as Jim Rohn says. 

Accountability buddy 

Find someone else who can help you with your goals. Someone who can hold you accountable as it can be challenging for us to do this for ourselves. This might make you feel more motivated and accountable in achieving them.

Veering off track your goals is normal, we can't always control what life throws at us and that's okay! You might feel discouraged or unmotivated during this time but it's important to forgive yourself for veering off track and to adjust to the circumstances.