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Sometimes work feels like an endless list of tasks that keep growing before you can begin to cross things off. This can often make workers feel stressed and the tasks begin to feel unattainable, which can lead to falling behind. We’ve taken some time to put together an essential guide to NOT falling behind at work. 


First and foremost, make a list in order of priority. If you’re not sure what to prioritise, ask someone or make your own strategic decision. Prioritising tasks breaks them down into small goals - tick them off after completion as this creates a sense of achievement hopefully leaving you feeling motivated for the next task. 

Limit distractions

A focused environment is essential! Turn off unnecessary notifications, put the phone on silent, and dedicate specific time blocks for tasks that require full attention. By minimising distractions, you'll be able to concentrate better and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Switch direction when you get stuck

Feeling stuck on a project? Don't let frustration drag you down. Instead of forcing your way through a mental block, switch gears temporarily. Take a short break, work on a different task, or engage in a quick physical activity. This change of focus can often help reset your mind and provide new perspectives. 

Meet those looming deadlines

While maintaining work-life balance is important, there are times when putting in extra effort can be highly beneficial. If you're working on a critical project or facing a looming deadline, you might like to consider extending your workday by an hour or two and help alleviate the pressure that falling behind can bring.

You might also want to ask yourself ‘are you really behind or do you just feel like you’re not doing so well’. Your mindset is your biggest challenge and if you can change this you can accomplish more. As well as this, being proactive in creating an ideal working environment for yourself will help you to not fall behind the rest.