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In the world of recruitment, just like in life, the way we treat others is how we can ultimately expect to be treated ourselves. We establish the foundation for our interactions with people as individuals and as organisations through the way we choose to communicate with them. Recruitment is similar in that it’s about building connections and whether we seek to find the perfect candidate or find our own ideal job, it’s the vibe we put out there that makes all the difference. 

When I work with clients, my main goal is always to position my intention as being a trusted and experienced advisor, not just a simple service provider. Clients expect more than just a CV that’s been flicked off without review, they want you to share your insights, offer honest feedback, and they want to know with certainty that you’re doing right by them. Our expertise and integrity should shine through with every single interaction, and in turn, we earn respect rather than command it, paving the way for a trusting and long-lasting partnership.

On the other hand, when it comes to candidates, our task isn't solely matching resumes to job descriptions; it's about aligning people to opportunities. Treat candidates with the respect and empathy they deserve. The way we deliver constructive feedback and act as a source of encouragement can make or break the most delicate situations and ultimately, it’s a two-way street where showing care is met with a high regard of the value we bring to their lives. 

I see the key to meaningful recruiting as authenticity. Pair that with unwavering standards and high integrity, and we’ve set a strong foundation for rapport in the relationship. Authenticity resonates with people and generates respect. Our commitment to these principles establishes a mutually beneficial flow-on effect for respectful and professional connections so we should always bear in mind that in recruitment, and life alike, the cornerstones of lasting success are always our authentic non-negotiables.