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Jelena Dokic shared her story to 350 people on Monday afternoon at the Jodi Lee Foundation’s IWD Lunch. Both on and off the court, Jelena stands as a true role model. Her 'victim to survivor, survivor to thriver' journey resonated deeply with its genuine and inspiring nature as well as her insights into the conscious choices behind becoming a thriver and finding happiness.

She emphasised the power of perseverance and not giving up, a theme that particularly resonated with me. Jelena's perspective on the rewards of sharing her story, whether on stage in front of 350 people or through her books inspiring thousands, underscored the fulfilling nature of connecting with others.

In her book 'Unbreakable,' she highlighted her strength and bravery amongst numerous hardships. Now, with her new book 'Fearless,' she continues to tap into vulnerability to inspire others, guiding them toward reclaiming their lives, reaching out, and, most importantly, healing.

Jelena's unwavering determination to restore her self-worth serves as an inspiration to all who have faced challenges. Her journey reflects not just resilience but a commitment to growth and empowerment, making her a role model for inspiration for everyone fortunate enough to hear her story.

Monday's event has rekindled my sense of purpose and the deep-seated motivation behind what I do. At the core, it revolves around my profound desire to help and inspire people, witnessing their happiness in their careers. Amongst the pressures, I recognise the importance of holding onto this purpose.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and newfound motivation to continue inspiring and guiding those around me. The event has served as a powerful reminder of the significance of our journeys and the impact they can have on others.