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Team ROUSSOS, along with our valued property and construction corporate partners, is gearing up once again for the Annual Jodi Lee Trek - a challenging 71km hike over two days through the Monarto/Murray Bridge Region. Taking place over Friday 3rd May and Saturday 4th May, this trek is not just a physical challenge; it's a mission to raise both funds and awareness for the Jodi Lee Foundation (JLF).

Bowel cancer diagnoses are alarmingly on the rise, with an estimated 15,000 new cases expected this year alone. What's more concerning is that it's the leading cancer killer among individuals aged 25–34, a demographic often represented within our talent pool and likely among your team members, family, and friends. It's crucial for all of us to take part in spreading awareness, especially within this age group, stressing the importance of symptom checks and bowel screening tests.

At ROUSSOS Recruitment, community values are at the core of our company culture. Giving back isn't just a gesture; it's a part of who we are. The joy of contributing to the well-being of others drives our daily operations. Our industry corporate partners share this ethos, and we're immensely grateful for their dedication to joining us in this trek and their commendable fundraising efforts.

We’d like to thank every individual trekking alongside us this weekend:

  • Anna Roussos from ROUSSOS Recruitment

  • George Roussos from Outside Ideas

  • Will Paley from SHAPE Australia

  • Daniel Rosato from Helping Hand

  • David Beare from Tandem Building Group

  • Jenny Gwynne from Tandem Building Group

  • Evan Hayes from Silver Thomas Hanley

  • Michael Mezzina from Mykra

  • Ryan Byrne from Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec

  • Rebecca Berg from ROUSSOS Recruitment

  • Thomas Siddall from Bega

  • Peter Vukajlovic from Built

  • David Focareta from Sitzler

  • Kara Jovicevic from Leedwell Property

  • Nik Roussos from Roussos Build

  • Lex Hanegraaf from Built Environs

  • James Bowman from Lucid Consulting

  • Toby Thurstans from Blu-Built Constructions

  • Adam Hannon from Cox Architecture

But our journey doesn't end with the trek. We need your support in exceeding our team fundraising goal. Every contribution, no matter how small, helps fund vital research and awareness initiatives. To donate, simply click the following link >

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and makes a big impact in the fight against bowel cancer.