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As my business grows, I am constantly mindful of maintaining our reputation. I read something the other day that stated, “don’t mess with your reputation” and I so agree. Whether you are like me and growing your business, looking for a new role, or if you care about your personal brand… Reputation is huge. 

Reputation is a big deal for any business or individual. A good company reputation sets us up for success and opens up the opportunity for growth. Whether you / your business has a good reputation, or a bad reputation is up to you… and today, this is generally measured through how you present on social media, through search engines and of course, word of mouth / referrals. 

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” – Benjamin Franklin

There are so many benefits of a good reputation…

  • More business opportunities / prospects for further growth

  • Lower marketing costs / cost-free advertising

  • Attracting loyal supporters / repeat clients

  • Competitive advantage 

  • Promotes good relationships with clients

  • Attracting quality people to your business 

  • Increased company value

Protecting and improving your business reputation is the best way to increase your brand visibility, promote growth and achieve success.

My advice? Be honest, be loyal and absolutely own your mistakes. Clients are going to be far more inclined to working with those businesses who have a good reputation in the industry and are transparent in your approach to business. A bad reputation is hard to recover from! ​