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Why career progression / training & development will always be number one ☝🏻

There are a number of key reasons as to why someone may be looking to resign from a role / leave the industry - salary, development, burnout, better work-life balance, poor management / leadership - and individual’s preferences will vary depending on timing and market conditions. 

In a poll we ran last week, 𝟮𝟴% of people stated that they believe people are resigning from jobs or leaving the industry for opportunities that offer further career progression. They are looking for a positive workplace culture, and training & career development. And through recent SEEK training, we learnt that career progression is amongst the top 3 things people are looking for in a new role with construction, architecture & engineering.

Often, organisations will resort to offering higher salaries and flexibility in order to attract and retain staff, and whilst this is important, we also need to consider what we can offer when it comes to training and development. What makes us stand out from any other competitor hiring for the same role? Regardless of where someone is at in their career, people are always looking for further growth and this will always be number one.

Those organisations that have a career development framework that they can talk through with their employees - present and future - are experiencing greater success in attracting people to their teams. This kind of framework gets individuals excited about the opportunity to work with a business that place a key focus on investing in their staff, and provides clarity about the future. This clarity about making progress and development at work will help to provide expectations on performance, which may also help people feel more secure (also a growing priority amongst job seekers in the current market). 

Career progression can take many forms, including being awarded more responsibility within a role, moving to a different sector or business, taking on new challenges, and enhancing skillset through training and development opportunities. So, consider what you can offer and highlight that when speaking to a recruiter about your role and / or a potential future employee in the interview process. 

Whichever way you look at it, career progression is something that is important to both workers and employers. It assists with career satisfaction and staff retention, and being given the opportunity to take on new challenges makes individuals more likely to be engaged with day-to-day work.