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​It might be leadership 101, but learning how to have difficult conversations, and understanding the importance of why you need to have them, is perhaps one of the toughest, but most important leadership lessons I have learnt.

Often, employers or managers are holding back in providing constructive feedback to employees around areas of development, in fear of losing them. Career development has proven to be a key motivating factor for many job seekers that we have interviewed here at ROUSSOS. Employees want to know they have a future within a business, and what this looks like within their current workplace.

I am a big believer of open and honest communication and that is how I feel every business should operate. We need to invest the time to have tough conversations with our employees to allow them to have the best opportunity to meet our expectations of them and best position them for success.

Employees’ preferences around what they want from their career has shifted significantly over the last 2 years, so if you want to retain your staff and attract quality talent to your businesses, communicating and listening to what they want is key.