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In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving work environment, resilience is a crucial trait for success. Resilience allows individuals to bounce back from setbacks, adapt to change, and maintain their motivation even in the face of challenges. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been hearing employers talk about their frustration around a serious lack of resilience. In addition, today’s talent has such a lengthy list of demands within the workplace which businesses say they are struggling to keep up; namely flexibility, salary expectations, job titles and general generational challenges. These ongoing issues are presenting plenty of tough challenges for employers who want to focus on business growth, strategy and ensuring they meet their clients’ expectations, while continuing to provide high level services. I see this as being a serious and difficult issue for workplaces across all industries and, sadly, this is likely to end up being a long-term issue. 

One powerful and certainly essential tool for developing resilience in the workplace is building a culture that fosters a growth mindset. At ROUSSOS, we firmly believe in having a growth mindset as both individuals and as a team, and recognise that our abilities and knowledge can be developed through dedication and hard work. So why do I believe that having a growth mindset is the key to building resilience?

Embracing Challenges: A growth mindset encourages employees to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Setbacks are viewed not as failures but as opportunities to learn and improve. A mindset shift allows people to approach difficulties with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Learning and Development: Resilience is built on a foundation of continuous learning and development which is paramount here at ROUSSOS. In a growth mindset culture, employees are more open to acquiring new skills, seeking feedback, and making necessary improvements. They understand that personal and professional growth is a journey.

Adaptability: Change is inevitable in any workplace and those with a growth mindset are simply more adaptable. They are open to new ideas, techniques, and strategies. Being adaptable helps people navigate uncertain times, which is an important component of resilience.

Increased Persistence: Employees with a growth mindset tend to be more persistent in the face of adversity. They understand that success often requires effort and perseverance. This level of determination enables us to stay committed to their goals, even when the going gets tough.

Positive Self-Talk: A growth mindset fosters positive self-talk which helps individuals manage stress and setbacks effectively. We are more likely to view challenges as temporary and believe in our ability to overcome them.

I see the only way to navigate through this troublesome period is by looking at how we further support our employees to see the value and benefits of having a growth mindset in the workplace, and for employers to foster a growth mindset culture. Not only will this contribute to building resilience among employees, it will also form a solid foundation for the long term in the development of their careers.